Funds List

Listed below are the current funds to which you can donate.  Monies donated to these funds are immediately available for projects and items as determined by the specific committees.  In addition, you can donate to any organization or program within the synagogue whether or not it administers a fund or has fund-raising activities.  All donations should be sent to the synagogue office.

Donations can be sent to the KI office with the form found in every edition of The LINK (download Donation Form) or can be made online through our secure PayPal account by clicking on the appropriate “Donate” button. Please consider adding a 3% convenience fee for making online donations to offset any fees.

General Fund – Donations supplement the current year’s budget.

Building Fund – Donations are used for the continuous upkeep of our building and grounds.  These funds help offset unexpected expenses.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund – The Rabbi uses these funds for any charitable purpose that may or may not necessarily be connected to the synagogue.  Donations to this fund can be made directly to the Rabbi or to the synagogue office.

Sacred Objects Fund – Funds are used for purchasing or repairing religious items such as the silver ornaments for our Torahs.

Prayer Book Fund – Funds are used to purchase new prayer books.  A minimum donation of $50 is required to dedicate a prayer book with a nameplate.

Library Fund – Funds are used to purchase equipment and books for the library.

Religious School – Funds are used for the needs of the Religious School.

David Ari and Michael Eric Zukin Foundation – The Zukin Fund was created in the aftermath of the tragic deaths in a fire of the young sons of Barbara and Ron Zukin.  These funds are disbursed to the Religious School to provide innovative programming to enhance Jewish education in our community. Rabbi Kravitz, the Education Committee Chair, the President and a representative of the Zukin Family will make disbursement decisions.

USY Fund – Donations are used by Kadima and USY to support their activities.  Checks should be made payable to KI youth.

Kesher Israel Preschool PTO Fund – Funds are used for the needs of the Preschool.

Sisterhood Funds

Torah Fund – Supports the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Sylvia Berlin Clompus Fund – Raises funds that Sisterhood donates to the synagogue for large purchases or improvements.

Men’s Club Funds

Jay Levine Memorial Scholarship Fund – Provides scholarships for KI members’ children to attend Gratz Hebrew High School.

Memorial Plaques

Bronze plaques for the memorial boards in the sanctuary may be purchased for $350. If you would like to purchase a plaque to remember a loved one, complete this form or contact the synagogue office.

Tree of Life

A leaf may be purchased to honor or commemorate just about any important life event, and costs $150. There are no longer rocks available for purchase.   Funds received from the purchase of leaves are given to the Building Fund.

The Nikol Satenstein Safety & Security Fund

Contributions are used used to enhance the safety & security of the Kesher Israel Congregation, a pursuit to which Nik was greatly devoted.