Ben Bag Bag said: Learn it and learn it (the Torah), for everything is in it. With it, you will see truly. Grow old and gray over it and do not stir from it, for there is nothing more edifying for you than it. Pirkei Avot, 5:19

Jewish learning is a lifelong pursuit and is one of our core values. From our monthly Chaverim get-togethers for families with toddlers, to our Preschool, Religious School, weekly Torah studies during Shabbat morning services, and wide array of Adult Education classes, we hope that our educational offerings will help you grow intellectually and spiritually. We make every effort to insure that our educational programs are accessible to all of our congregants and that learners from different backgrounds will find our offerings meaningful. By providing these tools, we hope that you will deepen your understanding of Jewish tradition, values and practices.