Our mission at Kesher Israel is to build sacred community with the tools of Jewish tradition. In addition to such tools as tikun olam (repair of the world), gemilut hasasim (act of loving kindness) and study, worship and ritual are the some of the most ancient tools of our tradition, handed down through the generations.  We have a great respect and love for Jewish tradition, while also recognizing that innovation is important in making Jewish tradition and prayer accessible and meaningful for all of our members. These innovations include using musical instruments at certain services to enhance our worship experience, some meditative Shabbat Services, as well as a weekly Torah Study during Shabbat morning services.

Along with meaningful and innovative prayer services, these traditions and rituals can help make the practice of Judaism into a spiritual discipline that can enable us to see the joy inherent in every moment, bring holiness into our lives, and feel a sense of connection to the each other and the Divine.


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