Hebrew High School


cchhs-logoThe goal of the Chester County Hebrew High School is to guide teens on their Jewish educational journey while creating a warm and welcoming environment. We want our students to feel connected and engaged in the Hebrew High School.  We want to encourage their study, participation and responsibility to the Jewish community.

The Chester County Hebrew High School meets on Sunday mornings.  From 9:30-10:30 am students have a chance to join together for bagels and to “hang out” in the KI Youth Lounge.

10:30- 11:25 am is first period, 11:30-12:25 am is second period. Students will have the opportunity to choose from a selection of classes taught by accomplished, experienced faculty.  There will be school programs and field trips in addition to the class selections. 

For information on the Chester County Hebrew High School contact Rachel Mussaf at 610-696-9022 or rachelm@kesher-israel.org.