I am Stella, the miniature poodle who has made underneath the rabbi’s desk my home! It’s been a bit of a change moving from Connecticut to Lebanon and now West Chester, but of course I love West Chester the BEST. When I learned that there’s a dog ice cream store on Gay Street, I packed up my toys, tennis balls, and leashes, and I was ready to move. Rabbi knows that I get paid the “cheese tax,” when he cooks, and now I may even get the “ice cream tax” when we walk the main street too. 

In case you were wondering, my favorite Bible character is King David, who wrote Perek Shira. He said that dogs worship God through Psalm 95, “Come, let us prostrate ourselves and kneel, let us bow before God our Maker.” That’s because I get up and do a BIG STRETCH in the morning. I also like the holiday of Passover! In Exodus 11:7, the Bible says dogs didn’t bark during the plagues, so Israelites could escape pharoah and slavery in Egypt – because of dogs! Purim is fun too, I dress in costume for that one. 

You can find me diligently following rabbi around. I am not such a fan of music or hiking outdoors, but I love hanging out in my backpack when rabbi goes for adventures. I’m small and kinda scared of new people, and dogs, and big vehicles, and loud noises, and buzzing insects, and… pretty much everything. Don’t be deterred though, come say “Shalom,” and maybe rabbi will give you a treat for me. 

Giving you a big bow wow!