Membership Categories

Membership includes High Holiday tickets.

Household Membership
Two or more people in the same household. Includes children age 21 and under, or age 24 and under, if currently a full time student.

Single Parent Household Membership
Single parent 
Includes children 21 and under or 24 and under if currently a full time student.

Young Household Membership
Household with the oldest child entering 1st Grade

Newlywed Membership
Couples married within one year of application to Kesher Israel receive a one-year, free membership.

Individual Adult Membership
20% discount for ages 65+

Young Individual Adult Membership
Single adult age 36 and under.

Associate Membership
Full membership in another congregation. Includes High Holiday tickets with letter of reciprocity from the other synagogue.

Senior Membership
Any individual adult age 65 and over, or couple, where either adult is age 65 or over, may opt to take a 20% reduction in dues. There is no Building Fund assessed for new Senior Members.

We believe that financial concerns should never be a barrier to synagogue membership and no one is turned away for financial reasons. Dues adjustments are always available, and the process is sensitive and confidential. Please contact our office for more information.